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buy 5F-AKB48 online (additionally referred to as 5F-APINACA or 5F-AKB48) is an indazole-based synthetic.5f-akb48, what is 5f-akb48 used for, 5f-akb48 for sale, what is 5f-akb48 cannabinoid?, 5f-akb48 drug test, us 5f-akb48, 5f-akb48 erowid, 5f-akb48 cannabinoid, 5f-akb48 dea schedule, 5f-akb48 usa schedule, 5f-akb48 legal status, 5f-akb48 dosage, 5f-akb48 buy, sweet leaf 5f-akb48 cannabinoid liquid,buy-5f-akb48.

cannabinoid that has been sold online as a designer drug. Structurally it carefully resembles cannabinoid compounds from patent WO 2003/035005 yet with a 5-fluoropentyl chain on the indazole 1-position, and 5F-APINACA falls within the cases of this patent, as despite not being revealed as an example, it is really similar to the corresponding pentanenitrile and also 4-chlorobutyl compounds which are claimed as examples 3 as well as 4.

5f-akb48 dosage

5F-APINACA was first identified in South Korea. It is expect to be a potent agonist of the CB1 receptor and CB2 receptor. Its metabolic process has been define in literature.

Your doctor might advise you to take it on a regular routine or just as needed if you are taking this drug for side results from another medication. If you are taking this medication for Parkinson’s condition, your medical professional may change the dosage of your other medicines (e.g., levodopa). Follow your medical professional’s guidelines very closely.

Though it helps lots of people, this medication might often create dependency. This threat might be higher if you have a substance use disorder (such as overuse of or addiction to drugs/alcohol). Do not raise your dosage, take it regularly, or utilize it for a longer time than suggested. When so guided, properly quit the medicine. Some problems may become worse when the drug is instantly quit. Your dose may need to be slowly lower.

When utilized for an extensive period, this medication may not work also as well as may need different application. Talk with your medical professional if this medication stops working well. If your condition worsens or continues, notify your medical professional.


Buy 5F-AKB48 Online, or N-( adamantan-1-yl) -1-( 5-fluoropentyl) -1 H-indazole-3-carboxamide, is a synthetic indazolecarboxamide as it contains a substituted indazole team. This indazole moeity is substitute at R1 with a fluoropentyl chain, a replacement shared with 5F-PB-22. In addition, the indazole is substitute at R3 with a carboxamide group. This carboxamide group is N-substitute at its terminal amine group with an adamantane group. This team consists of 4 fused cyclohexane rings in an unique structure called a diamondoid. 5F-AKB48 is an analog of STS-135 in which the core indole structure is substitute with an indazole base.


Although this compound has actually not been officially studied, from evaluation of the buy-5f-akb48.

it is presume that 5F-AKB48 has a similar binding account to that of other cannabinoids and also matches much of the in vivo residential or commercial properties of Δ9-THC. Nonetheless, the function of these communications as well as just how they lead to the cannabinoid high remains to stay elusive.

Subjective results-5f-akb48 dosage

The impacts listed below are based upon the subjective result index.

which is based on unscientific records as well as the individual experiences of PsychonautWiki factors.

Consequently, they need to be treat with a healthy and balance quantity of hesitation. As soon as yet heavier dosages will certainly increase the chances of inducing a complete variety of results, it is worth noting that these will hardly ever (if ever before) occur all at. Furthermore, negative results become far more most likely on higher doses and may consist of severe injury or death.

5f-akb48 usa schedule,buy-5f-akb48


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